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I can...juggle numbers!

May 2010

Math concepts are part of many important life skills.  For kids who use AC, it may provide them with the opportunity to become more independent and have control over their day-to-day lives. 

Money, Money, Money:  Kids who use AC need experience dealing with currency so that they can develop the life skills to handle money in adulthood.  Try some of these software and online activities:
·           Counting Coins Software (with Canadian currency):
·           Online activity to practice making change:
·           Canadian currency symbols are available within Boardmaker™ for creating low-tech displays. 

It’s about time:  Concepts of time are also important for kids who use AC so that they can manage their own schedules and appointments. 
·           Try out this online game to help with kids learn to tell time:
 1,2,3…Let’s go! Kids who use AC also need a way to talk about numbers to practice counting.  Try some of these fun numeracy activities: 
·           Board game: 
·           Try creating a number board on your student’s communication device so that they can practice saying numbers and answer questions in math class.
·           Check out this switch accessible math software:
·           Ablenet’s Wiz provides a list of ready-made lesson plans, which target a variety of math skills.  In the drop down box titled “What is your activity theme or content”, scroll down and select “Math”. 
·           Older students may enjoy this resource on card games:

Making online games and software more accessible:
Try using partner assisted scanning or live voice scanning to allow kids who use AC to make choices when online games and software are not switch accessible. In this method, a caregiver would read aloud (and possibly point to) the choices.  Ask the student to indicate “yes” when the caregiver gets to the choice that they want.    See this link for a video on partner assisted scanning:
Try using partner assisted scanning with this online activity:

No-Tech Ideas

  • Bridges Canada has put together some math kits for differing abilities.  See attached pdf for more information.

Light Tech Ideas

  • Try using a Step-by-Step communicator to count out loud.

High Tech Ideas

·         Check out SGDs for ready-made math pages.  You can also check on the manufacturer’s website for additional pages such as these pages available for Dynavox users:
·         Do you have a student who uses voice recognition software and would like to use his/her voice to complete math assignments too?  Check out:

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The 14th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) in Barcelona is taking place in August 2010.  The conference includes families sharing success stories, exciting breakthroughs, fun social activities, scientific paper presentations, and demonstrations of assistive equipment

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·           RJ Cooper has accessible calculators available: Talk ‘n Scan calculator and Big Calc
·           For lots of links to cool math activities online, scroll down to the math sections on the following website:

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