Simple SGDs

Kids who are non-verbal can use Speech Generating Devices (SGD)s to help them express themselves and participate in daily activities.  Here are some past issue that focused on choosing vocabulary and finding opportunities to use simple SGDs:

March 2012:   I can...say what I want to say!
April 2013: I can...get my toes wet!

Below are a list of simple SGDs that are available for loan from Equipment Services for clients of Thames Valley Children’s Centre. If you would like to explore use of a SGD, speak with your child's therapist.
Big Mac Communicator

  • Single Message Device
  • 40 seconds record time

Step by Step Communicator

  • Sequential Message Device
  • 2 minutes record time

Italk2 Communicator

  • 2 Message Device
  • 2 minutes record time
One by Four Talker

  • 1-4 message device (can use each talker separately or within 4 message frame)
  • Each one-talker has 10 seconds of  record time
Go Talk 9

  • 2” square buttons
  • 5 recording levels
  • 8.5 minutes record time

Go Talk 20
  • 1” square buttons
  • 5 recording levels
  • 15 minutes record time
  •  Core vocabulary stored in top row

Super Talker

  • Keyguards for 1, 2, 4 and 8 grids
  • 16 minutes record time
  • 8 recording levels

FL4SH Communicator

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