Song Boards

Everyone loves to sing!  Use a songboard to help kids who use AC to participate in singing. It’s a fun way to help kids learn about the power of communication by showing them how they can make a choice.  The song boards below are available on Boardmaker Share (  website.  If you own a copy of Boardmaker, you can download them for FREE. On the Boardmaker Share website, you can search for our group under "Community" and then "Browse Groups" and then enter "icannewsletter".  You'll find all of our songboards and other resources that you can download for your use.

Set Up:
 If your student has difficulty directly touching the symbols, talk with your Occupational Therapist to help determine the best way for your student to make his/her choice.

 Errorless Song Boards:
  • Reinforcing choice making by following through with the choice selected.
  • Opportunity to model symbols receptively.
  • Exposure to expressive use of symbols e.g. You said “babies”.  You told me to sing about “babies.”
Old MacDonald
Wheels on the Bus
Shapes Hokey Pokey
If you’re happy and you know it (Emotions)

Sequencing Song Boards:
  • Provides an opportunity to make a mistake in sequencing numbers or verses
  • Opportunity to model symbols receptively
  • Exposure to expressive use of symbols (fringe vocabulary and core words)
  • Concepts may include: numbers, body parts, concepts such as up/down, over, away
Green and Speckled Frogs
5 Little Ducks
5 Little Monkeys
Farmer and the Dell
Itsy Bitsy Spider 
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly

For more ideas on using song boards, check our our December 2012 issues: I can...sing!

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