Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I can... have fun outside!

Summer is here again, with lots of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the weather! Many activities can be adapted so that kids who use AC can get involved. This is our last issue of the I Can Newsletter for this school year. Thanks for reading, we hope you have found some useful information. Here are some suggestions to keep you busy all summer long. Enjoy!

Vocabulary suggestions for summer activities:

Wanna buy some popcorn?
Take a picture of me!
I can’t wait to go to camp!
Let’s play a game outside.
Only 3 more sleeps until….
I love swimming.
What are you doing this summer?
Can I stay up late tonight?
What’s your favourite summer activity?

Adapting Summer Activities

Playing Games: If you have access to Boardmaker, or other picture symbol libraries, these games are easy to create, using theme vocabulary (beach words, camping words, sleepover vocabulary etc.). There are also examples of pre-made boards on the Internet.

·         Create a low-tech displays or pages on a speech-generating device for quick and easy games such as Simon Says (with lots of movement suggestions “wiggle your nose”, “touch your feet”, “stick out your tongue” and taking turns being ‘Simon’) or I Spy with my Little EyeTravel Bingo can be fun to make that car journey go by a little faster.

·         Scavenger hunt: http://www.setbc.org/pictureset/resource.aspx?id=319

·         Gardening game: http://www.setbc.org/pictureset/resource.aspx?id=321

Lemonade Stand: Whether you are hosting a family bbq, away at the cottage or running a yard sale, setting up a lemonade stand is always fun.  Your child can use adapted devices to make all kinds of goodies to share or to sell.  See attached pdf instructions on running a popcorn stand or making smoothies.  You can sign out equipment such as a Powerlink from TVCC Equipment Services.

Volunteer:  Volunteering can be a great way to help out and meet some new friends. Here are some ongoing volunteer opportunities at TVCC.  http://www.tvcc.on.ca/ongoing-opportunities.htm

Contact Volunteer Services at 685-8700 ext 53452 or by e-mail at volunteer @tvcc.on.ca

Create a Summer Photo Journal:  Remember to take photos of all your summer adventures so that kids can share what they’ve done with others.  There are a variety of ways to store your photos such as digital keychains or photo frames, using an Ipod or simply printing them out.  Try adding some captions with comments and questions to make your photo journal more interactive. Your child can also participate in taking photos by using a switch-adapted camera. https://store.bridges-canada.com/P-29H43/Switch-adapted+Digital+Camera

No-Tech Ideas

·         Put together an information sheet detailing the best ways to make communication successful for your child. This can be sent to summer camp for counselors to read.  See an example of a camp information sheet attached. This can be customized, printed out and laminated to survive the great outdoors!

·         Eating out can be fun.  Try giving your child the opportunity to order for themselves at a restaurant.  Check out some of these ready made boards in PDF that can be used at the following restaurants:

Light Tech Ideas

Make your buddies laugh with a joke of the day, recorded into a simple speech generating device, such as a Sequencer or Step-by-Step. Here are a bunch of jokes to choose from: http://www.lburkhart.com/jokes.htm


High Tech Ideas

  • Try out these mp3 Camp Songs on your device:
MP3 format: http://www.setbc.org/pictureset/resource.aspx?id=408  Wav File Format: http://www.setbc.org/pictureset/resource.aspx?id=409

I Can…be a Star!

Jacob Wray enthusiastically practices his speech to his class.  Jacob has successfully completed functional training on his talker (speech generating device) and has received a certificate for his hard work and perseverance.  Congratulations Jake!

Lights, Camera, Action!

August 23 - 27, 2010

Join us at Setting the Stage or On With the Show, theatre camps for aspiring actors who use a speech-generating device. Act alongside the Original Kids and invite your family & friends to the final performance.

Location: Spriet Family Theatre at Covent Garden Market, London.

For more details on this and other Opportunities to Participate check for details at: www.tvcc.on.ca

We Need Your Feedback!!!

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