Saturday, 1 March 2008

I can...get involved in music!

Listening to music, playing an instrument, cheering for the next Canadian Idol. Music is all around us. Students who have disabilities can get actively involved in all aspects of music, from shaking the maracas to composing songs.

Here are some vocabulary ideas for music activities:

Let me play it!
Have you heard the song….?
I want to sing…
Turn it up!
I’m the next Canadian Idol!
Who’s your favourite band?
It’s too loud!
Do you watch Don’t forget the Lyrics?
Can I choose an instrument?
Play it again.
What do you want to sing next?
Can I listen to my iPod?
Change the CD
My favourite song is….What’s yours?
I love this song

Making Music on the Computer
If your student can access a computer either by regular keyboard, switch, or Intellikeys™, they can also play music on the computer.  All of these programs are Flash-based Internet programs, meaning you have to use them online. This also means that there is no real installation required (other than Flash and/or Shockwave from Adobe).
  • Most of these programs are designed to use with a mouse however you can use a switch interface to send some key equivalents to increase independence. 
  • So, have fun with them and start making music a part of your student’s life! If your student really gets bitten by the music bug and requires more advanced music adaptation, please speak to their Occupational Therapist for further assistance.
No-Tech Ideas
  • Make a symbol board for students to make choices during music activities such as choosing song verses or choosing which instrument to play.
  • Make a symbol board for students to talk about music with their peers. Try including questions such as “Who is your favourite band?”, “Did you watch Canadian Idol last night?”
  • Use a Post-it ™ note to keep a communication board current. Include a weekly update about a recent music event such as “Can you believe ….got kicked off the show?”
Light Tech Ideas
  • Have your student start a song with a recorded intro line on a single message device e.g. “Old McDonald had a farm…”, “Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool…”

High Tech Ideas
  • Some high tech communication devices have built in MP3 players. Contact your ACS clinician if you would like to explore this further.
Resources for teachers and educators: Check out the following websites for great ideas…