Monday, 1 October 2007


There are so many resources available on the Internet, that it can be confusing and time consuming to sort the useful from the useless. Here are some suggestions for websites that might be useful in the classroom, particularly for students who use adapted access or augmentative communication.

Here are some ideas for vocabulary when using the computer:

I love this website!
Let me do it.
Let’s send an e-mail.
Click the mouse.
What is that?
Let’s try another page.
Let’s go back.
My turn.
This is boring.
Do it again.
Your turn. 
Do you like it?
Check out the links.
Uh oh! I don’t think we did it right!
What do you want to do?
What does this do?
This is fun!
I’m all done.
What else can we do?
Add this to my favourites.
Let’s print it.

 Check out these websites!  First, the fun stuff….
No Tech Ideas
  • Create a simple cardboard frame that fits around your computer screen. Add a strip of Velcro® so that you can position symbols for the student to select.
  • Create a picture display with website choices and vocabulary listed above.

Light Tech Ideas
  • A switch-adapted mouse can allow a student to use a switch to activate a mouse click.
High Tech Ideas
  • Many high tech communication devices allow the user to control the computer and input text into documents. If you are not sure how to do this, talk to your ACS clinician.
Computer Accessibility Options
  • Enlarging the overall screen size can help students who have visual difficulties. For example, in Windows XP, go to: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Accessibility Options/Display Tab/Settings/Select Windows Standard (large) from the drop down menu/OK/Select High Contrast Check Box/Apply
Resources for teachers and educators:
Ready Made Activities to Download: